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The Boulder County Fire Can be a season of Regrowth

The Local Demolition Deconstruction Contractor Fire Clean up and Structure Removal Process

When a fire ravages through your home, it causes devastating results. While some fires are severe enough to destroy everything in their path and leave buildings uninhabitable for years afterwards (or even permanently), others only halfway knocked down or partial areas destroyed but still standing leaves you with an intact structure that needs more than just cleanup from inside; It requires professional demolition companies like us, who specialize on removing these types of debris from your property safely.

We Understand How to Dispose of Debris Properly and Safely

The Demolition Process for buildings and structures after fire can be a lengthy one, depending on how extensive the damage is and can require several stages to complete the process. The goal in any case should always come down to two things: firstly remove unsafe materials; secondly dispose of all hazardous waste properly so that nothing goes into our environment improperly or ends up polluting it even more than before! That's why we are the best company to have take care of all of this for you. We know what specific steps and regulations that need to happen and we work closely with the landfills to ensure this is occurs safely within the environmental regulations and standards.

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The Best Local Deconstruction and Fire Debris Clean up and Removal Company Near Me

All  homeowners that have had their home damaged or destroyed by fire looking for  the top " Demolition Contractor near me" has found the best Boulder Demolition and Deconstruction contractor. Get in touch to see how we can help as your residential building deconstruction and local house deconstruction company.

#1 Residential Destruction and Fire Clean up Company in Colorado

We Understand How to Dispose of Debris Properly and Safely

We take great care to ensure that the demolition process is safe and sanitary. All debris will be removed from your property, including any recyclable materials such as glass or metals so they can be recycled properly if possible by local authorities according to regulations set forth in their area unless they are no longer safe or suitable for recycle. These precautions make sure there's nothing left behind to create any safety concerns later on if not handled correctly.

Structural Damage and Damage to the Building Materials Caused by Heat

The average temperature of a house fire is 600°C, and many building materials are affected at these temperatures. The movement or expansion may result in cracking because it goes beyond what they were designed for. The material concrete is particularly resistant to fire. But, its strength can still be compromised once it has been heated up past certain temperatures. The greatest danger with concrete is that it will lose all of its strength at around 1,000°C. This means in a house fire you can expect some loss or damage to the element depending on how hot things get. Natural stone is one of the most vulnerable materials to fire and can be seriously affected at certain temperatures. Above 600°C, strength becomes compromised as it approaches its breaking point; if thermal shock occurs in this condition then you may witness complete disfigurement or even destruction from intense heat exposure like those found on Earth's surface for extended periods (such as volcanic regions).

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Deconstruction and Fire Debris Clean Up Contractors

Serving residential clients around Denver, near Boulder, and Northern Colorado, the demolition and fire disaster clean up professional team at Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction provides intricate demo and deconstruction and debris clean up and removal. Learn more about us at coloradodemolition.com.

Deconstruction & Demolition & Fire Debris Clean up

House deconstruction can include whole structure removal or the smaller areas inside of a residential home . We dismantle your house and remove Fire debris by following Boulder County and State mandates for waste diversion and we keep our landfills clean.

Colorado Demolition for Residential Homes

A short distance from Denver, Located in Boulder Colorado, we serve Broomfield, Longmont, Erie, Larkspur, Idaho Springs, Fort Collins, and Denver.

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#1 House Demolition and Debris Clean up Company in Colorado

Following all codes and regulations of Boulder County, we of our deconstruction materials and processes are the best among especially when looking at residential Demo Contractors, and Home or House Demolition Contractors.

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Boulder County keeps the Environment Green & Regulate Debris Handling and Disposal

Following all BuildSmart guidelines from Boulder, CO

The economic and environmental impacts of demolition have been severe across Colorado. The deconstruction is a new process of eliminating building material and construction waste, in which we are able to salvage previous materials that would often be thrown into the landfill. Check out our Community Partners near Denver and the Larimer and Boulder County areas below.

BuildSmart Boulder

Boulder county’s residential green building requirements affect  new residential construction and additions in unincorporated Boulder County.

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Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity in St Vrain is a nonprofit  that helps communities build and improve their house and homes.

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Cost Savings

Boulder County BuildSmart  enhances the  measures outlined in the Colorado Climate Action Plan and the Boulder County’'s Environmental Sustainability act.

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We do Demolition The Green Way, the Right Way

As a lifelong Colorado resident, Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction offers residential demolition services near me for homeowners & contractors finding the best house demolition company in the Boulder & Denver areas across Colorado's Front Range.

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Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Home Depot in Broomfield, Colorado
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Home Depot is just 20 minutes Southwest from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction in Broomfield, Colorado. This home services and supply store has super friendly and helpful staff who will help you find the exact supplies or help design when you are re-doing the structure or your residential home. Once the demolition and deconstruction part of your home has been completed by the demolition contractors. You will want to head to Home Depot in Broomfield for all your home design needs. Your amazing new home will be structurally sound with all the items purchased from Home Depot.

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Front Range Timber in Broomfield
See Location & Directions

Front Range Timber is just a quick 15 minute drive west from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction in Broomfield, Colorado. When you have had the inside of your residential home dismantled by a Demolition contractor so you can add new elements such as a reclaimed feature wood wall and shelves. This is the perfect place to find super patient and extremely helpful staff who will walk you through everything you need to know and helpful tips to complete your home projects so they come out amazing. You will love this place in Broomfield to create amazing structural pieces if you are looking for antique barnwood, and all sorts of other wood types from their large reclaimed wood inventory.

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Flatirons Habitat for Humanity
See Location & Directions

Flatirons Habitat for Humanity is a quick southwest drive from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction in Broomfield, Colorado. This is an important place of business that re-sells all sorts of home materials and products to be brought back into helping people with their home. This is where all the deconstructed materials that are taken down from the Demolition contractors at CDD are sometimes brought to Flatirons Habitat for humanity to be reused in a new residential house. Such as windows, wood and other structural materials that can be reused, recycled and renewed in new ways in other houses. Stop by and see what might be something old that can become new for your home.

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Lafayette Lumber Company
See Location & Directions

Lafayette Lumber Company is under 15 minutes from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction in Lafayette, Colorado. This great local lumber company has very friendly staff and a full selection of lumber. When your home demolition has been all finished up by your demo contractor, you can head over to Lafayette Lumber Company and have staff out in their yard who will help you find all the structured materials for your residential home design. They are really professional just like the Colorado Demolition contractor and can deliver the materials to your house for free. This lumber company is Boulder County’s source from the professional builder once your home has been dismantled from demolition and ready to be built back up.

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Whole Foods market near South Boulder
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Whole Foods market is about a 30 minute drive into Boulder, Colorado. This eco-minded food store really believes in their natural and organic products and has the same base-line beliefs as Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction, who is also fully eco-minded in making sure that the materials that are demoed out of a residential or commercial building are re-sourced and reused in new ways. Whole Foods has a huge variety of products and their store is bright and clean. This is a great store that has very friendly staff and they are always willing to help the customer. These two types of businesses are different but also the same with doing better for the world and people with wanting to be cognisant of being eco-friendly and do business in ways that keep trash out of the landfills and reusing products. 

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Resource Central: Reuse & Conservation in East Boulder
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Resource Central: Reuse & Conservation in East Boulder in about a 25 minute drive west from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction. This is one of the local resources that take reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage that are deconstructed by Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction contractors. They can take wood, windows, cabinets, old doors, everything you can think of that helps divert reusable materials from the landfill. They are a great business partner of CDD for them to bring in thor materials from the residential home demolition projects. They have tool rentals and will work with contractors to do an assessment of what can be recycled and reused.

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near United Chinese Restaurant
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United Chinese Restaurant is about a 15 minute drive Southwest from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction in Broomfield, Colorado. This family owned restaurant serves a wide variety of Chinese food dishes, along with Thai food and sushi as well. This restaurant was worked on by Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction to get this commercial building dismantled to be re-built into this Chinese restaurant. They took it down to the studs so the new beautiful interior could be designed into what it is today that customers love. They have dine-in and carry out along with contactless delivery available as well.

Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction near Superior Market place in Superior
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Superior Market Place is about a 20 minute drive into Superior, Colorado from Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction. This is a “hidden gem” for shopping and restaurants that is located right off of Hwy 36 between Denver and Boulder. There are a great variety of stores to shop and there is a small park nearby as well. There are great structures of commercial buildings that have been designed for ideal visiting and shopping. There are main anchor stores, such as Super Target, Costco and Whole Foods. While your home is being deconstructed by your contractor and ready for a new look, you can shop these amazing stores and also grab a bite to eat at great restaurants.

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