March 12, 1953 - May 29, 2024

Pat came from New Jersey and moved to Colorado with only 13 cents in his pocket and big dreams. In 1973 he started his own business originally named Colorado Hauling, eventually changed direction from hauling to demolition and changed the name to Colorado Demolition and Deconstruction. Those that knew Pat can recall his incredible work ethic, love and dedication, not only to his craft, but to his team.

He always believed that everything had value, and that was evident in his business since the beginning. He would always say, "if someone else could use it, don't throw it away.” As much as he enjoyed the demolition aspect, he was all about recycling, reusing and donating as much of the materials from every job as possible. This was the backbone of the business and with this core belief, he not only furnished houses, but our lives.

The same qualities that drove Pat to build a successful business also extended deep into his family, friends & community. In 2018, Pat decided to retire and sold his business to his son-in-law, Eric Barry, who has carried on with the same fundamentals of what Pat started. Pat was our founder and leader, but more importantly, he was a husband, father, grandfather and musician who loved golf, music, art, dogs, Starbucks coffee, and his Impala.

He will certainly be deeply missed, but we are all comforted in knowing that he is now resting in peace and his legacy will live on through the core values we carry here at
Colorado Demolition, Inc.