Our Deconstruction Process has been proven and refined over the last 50 years.


Understand your dream

The first step of a demolition or deconstruction project is to walk through the physical location. We are able to then put together a rough estimate for the homeowners with a timeframe to complete the home deconstruction.


Begin Deconstruction

Our crew arrives onsite with roll off dumpsters that will be used to store the material as we transfer donations to habitat for humanity. Any materials that can be donated are used as a tax write off. Once the deconstruction process begins, the demo project moves swiftly along.


Starting at the top

We ensure the maximum tax credit for the home owner of a house deconstruction is taken into account by maintaining the structural integrity of the house while demolition is under way. Beginning with the roof allows the lumber to be taken apart and dismantled independently, gaining the amount of material saved for donation to Habitat to Humanity.


Deconstruct Lumber

Each and every reusable piece is taken apart meticulously. Our crews are skilled at maintaining a safe and efficient workspace. Larger pieces may be taken down, and then they are individually deconstructed one piece at a time for donation and tax wrtite off.


Down to the foundation

Much of the work is in sorting the materials so that as little as possible ends up in the landfill. The Boulder and Larimer County codes and regulations ensure that the green building initiatives match the need for keeping the front range beautiful.


Donate for your tax break

All of the materials that can be donated to Habitat for Humanity are meticulously packed into containers and delivered. Estimating the value of the After-Tax Benefit will greatly improve the overall investment of choosing a deconstruction instead of a demolition.

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Experience a Total House Deconstruction

Watch a complete house deconstruction unfold. Hire The Right Pro For The Job. Watch a complete house deconstruction unfold. Watch a complete house deconstruction unfold. Hire The Right Pro For The Job.

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